Press Cuttings & Reviews:

Explorer Magazine

"Odette Michell possesses one of the most remarkable voices you'll hear anywhere, and it's matched by a rare songwriting talent. With sympathetic violin-and-percussion accompaniment, her music draws fans from both sides of the folk/country divide while retaining an individual charm that's unique to her."

The Larmer Tree Festival Review

"In the Acoustic Routes Cafe, a delayed Odette Michell fought through the traffic to deliver a stunning set of both sensitive and upbeat songs, finishing with a blistering version of the folk classic, 'Matty Groves', her haunting voice filling every word with emotion and clarity."

RealCity Magazine

"Odette's gorgeous voice can conjure up a summer feeling even in the depths of winter, and her distinctive brand of modern folk music will leave catchy tunes in your brain for days. Her fresh take on this genre can be compared to the Indigo Girls and Sandy Denny."

CD Review - Turning Circles
Justin Coleman, Agenda Magazine 'Four Best Gigs In June'

"I've been following Odette's progress for the last four years and I feel she's finally fullfilling her potential. Odette's new six-track EP Turning Circles is a quantum leap forward in quality, mixing her always lustrous vocals, with their tinge of folk and country, to create songs that brought tears even to my cynical eyes. The opening track Drive has strong hints of Sarah Mclachlan whilst elsewhere she veers into Fiona Apple and Jewel territory. Live, Odette is an equally strong proposition.Whether she plays as a soloist, duo or with a full band, it's like having ice cream dribbled down your back on a hot summer's day."